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Best Credit Card Applications for American Express

  • Key Feature: Get Your Teams Logo.
    No annual Fee, Rewards, and 0% Intro APR
  • APR: 10.99%
  • Annual Fee: $0
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Finding a reliable source of credit is important for everyone, and has spared no expense or effort in organizing a selection of the best credit card offers available. We provide a wealth of options that can be tailored specifically for your particular needs. Whether you prefer to apply for a new credit card, scan the best credit card offers for your needs, or find an affordable way to initiate a credit card balance transfer, has the right solution for you. More...

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When you browse our listings of the best credit card offers available for you, you'll find that each specific offering provides a multitude of options, from low or waived yearly fees to special points programs that allow you to use your purchases to build up towards vacations, free air travel, or a wide range of gifts. Some of the most common options you’ll find in among our best credit card applications include:

  • Credit Card Balance Transfer Options

    If you are presently struggling with a large balance locked into a high interest credit card, a credit card balance transfer will provide you with the breathing room you need to get back on your feet. American Express cards that offer credit card balance transfers will provide anywhere from 2.9% to 9.9% interest on an existing balance – usually much less than many credit card providers – allowing you to lower your monthly payments.

  • Exciting Rewards and Points Programs

    Many of the best credit card offers you’ll find on our site provide a number of different rewards programs for credit card holders who use their cards to make purchases. These rewards programs might include a percentage of cash back when using your card at a specific supermarket chain, or points that let you purchase airline tickets to destinations all over the world!

  • Low Annual Fees

    We’ve made an effort to ensure that our online shoppers have the ability to apply for a credit card that charges an affordable annual fee. In fact, many of the best credit card offers you’ll find here have no annual fee for the first year, and some of them don’t charge a yearly fee at all!

  • Credit for Everyone

    No matter what your credit rating, we’ve made sure that you have access to the best credit card applications for your specific credit bracket. From excellent credit to bad credit, we’ve gathered a multitude of credit card options that can give you the leverage you need to take control of your financial future.

Use our advanced tools for to find your best credit card deals:

At we provide you with a fast-comparison matrix and a credit card application search engine to find your best credit card offers quickly and easily.

Just enter up to six personalized criteria and we will instantly assemble a list to the credit best suited to your personal needs. Among the selection criteria you can specify are:

  • Low Interest
  • Balance transfer
  • Rewards
  • Cash Back
  • and more!

We also offer pages that present the top credit cards in a category, such as:

  • American Express cards
  • Airline Rewards cards
  • Student credit cards and
  • Prepaid cards

And remember: when you apply for a credit card, more is not always better. In fact, applying to too many credit cards may actually raise questions about your credit and could even prevent you from getting the credit card you really want.

It is better to carefully compare likely credit card offers, then fill out a single credit card application for the card you really want. And out online applications will help to make the process more manageable.

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