Paying Off Your Best Credit Card Quicker

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Your best credit card has helped you out in many financial binds. Whether it was to help you pay that monthly bill that you didn’t have the cash to pay for, or to purchase a sweater you fell in love with at the store, it was there when you needed it. After a few months, however, you might find that your balance is more than you can handle all at once. Rather than just paying the minimum balance, you can make a payment twice a month, or even once per week, depending on how often you get paid, to help your balance come down quicker.

Time It with Your Paycheck

When you make a small payment with each paycheck that you receive, you are helping your checking account balance feel less of a hit when you make a payment to your credit card, while paying more than the actual minimum on a monthly basis. This can help to cut several months off of your balance, giving you access to your credit limit again — and possibly helping to improve your credit rating.

Make Larger Payments

When you become disciplined enough to make several payments per month on your best credit card, you can also make larger payments when you come into large sums of money. Whether you receive a large bonus, tax refund or any other large payment, staying disciplined enough to put a portion of it towards your credit card balance can help pay it off even quicker.

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Carefully Consider Your Rewards

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When you are looking at the best rewards credit cards that are available to you, it might seem overwhelming to discover the many choices that you have. Between cards that offer specific rewards, such as points that can be redeemed towards travel costs, to those that offer cash back, how do you know which one is right for you?

Consider Your Needs

If you travel on a regular basis, travel rewards likely make sense for you. They can help you save money on airline tickets, car rentals or hotels. Some cards are more specific and allow you to redeem your rewards for specific amenities at certain establishments, too. If you frequent these establishments or have specific travel plans in place for the future, this might make sense for you. If you do not have specific plans and are more of a “fly by the seat of your pants” type of person, cash back bonuses that you could use toward your travel plans, when you make them, might be more beneficial.

Restricted Dates

If your travel dates are not flexible, airline miles or hotel rewards might not work when you need them to. In this case, cash back rewards would be more beneficial, because you can use cash whenever you need to. If your dates are flexible, however, travel rewards could come in handy, as they can be directly redeemed for your travel needs.

The best credit card for you truly depends on your needs. Take the time to read the fine print of each card carefully, to ensure that you will be able to make maximum use of the rewards that are offered. If you will not be able to use them, consider a cash back rewards card, to ensure that you are able to reap the rewards for your good credit.

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The Benefits of the Student Credit Card

Students in the US that are over the age of 18 can apply for a student credit card. While many people might think that it is not a good idea to get students started on the habit of using credit cards, there are many benefits.

Build Credit

Building credit can be very difficult for anyone just getting out of college that wants to rent or purchase a home, buy a car or even get a job. Credit checks are used in many industries that can make it very difficult to get an adult life started with little to no credit history. The best credit card for students can help build that history, especially if the balances are paid off in a timely manner and the credit itself is used wisely.

Pay for Expenses

It’s no secret that college life is expensive. Between tuition, school books, and room and board, students can find themselves without very much money left for groceries and household items. Having a credit card that is able to be used when money is tight is a great way to enable students to afford what they need, especially if they have the ability to pay it off in a short amount of time.


There are even many student credit cards that offer rewards. Before you apply, read the fine print to determine which companies offer the best rewards credit card that would be most beneficial to you. Many cards offer cash back, which for most students is the most beneficial reward, as finances tend to be restricted during their years in school.

At, our #1 priority is finding you the best rewards credit card that is available for students to help build your credit.

Travel Rewards Cards: Are They Worth It

Credit Cards can be a tricky thing to manage, especially when you’re enticed by all sorts of promotional offers and reward cards. However, if you have the tools and skills at hand to properly manage your credit card expenses and finances, taking out a credit card can be to your utmost advantage. Travel Rewards Cards, as well as other types of reward cards, are a great way to save money for expenses that you are required to make either for work or for pleasure. Sitting down and taking a good look at your spending habits is a great way to start. Consider the interest rates and annual fees that are tied to certain reward cards. If you think you can budget yourself accordingly, try spending less on the card every month while increasing the amount of your monthly bills. To get a bit more info on reward cards and what they have to offer, take a look at the infographic for the full scoop!

Before getting a rewards card, you’ll want to be sure you ask yourself the five questions outlined in this graphic. Knowing how much the annual fee and early sign up bonus is, the interest rate that will be applied, how many miles you will be redeeming, and whether you will be able to cash in your miles will make sure you get the most out of your card. An airline rewards card has plenty of perks including miles you can redeem for airline tickets, hotel and travel rewards which allow you to earn points, frequent flyer miles towards your airline of choice, and a 1 to 2 point incentive for every dollar spent on the rewards card. Many cards even offer double, triple, or even up to five times the points for spending at places you visit often, like the grocery store. Getting points, miles, or cash back for every dollar you spend will allow you free flights, hotel stays, car rentals and cruises; when you’re vacationing with your travel rewards card, you’ll be richly rewarded!

Travel Rewards Card Tips

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Making the Most out of Zero Percent Interest Credit Cards

You finally got the best credit card for yourself – it offers 0 percent interest for balance transfers. Before you excitedly transfer over all of your balances, stop and take a close look at what you have. Making the most out of your new credit card takes a bit of thought and legwork.

How Much can you Afford?

There is no sense in paying balance transfer fees for balances that you will not be able to pay off before the 0 percent interest period is over. Look over all of your balances as well as their respective interest rates. Once you know your total amount of debt, you need to take a close look at your current financial situation to determine what you can pay each month. The amount that you pay should be able to pay off whatever balance you transfer over. If you do not pay it off, you might end up paying more in the long run.

Do you Know the Fees?

Even the best low interest card applications come with a fee to transfer your debt over. Many times the fee is not that high, but it is worth taking into consideration. When you add the fees to your balance, does it still make sense to transfer the balance over? If your balance is on an already low interest card, you might not be saving any money by transferring your debt.

Paying close attention to your best credit card and balance transfer offers will help you to make the best financial decision for yourself.

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Staying Organized with More than One Credit Card

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Many people avoid owning more than one credit card simply because they are afraid of getting overwhelmed when it comes to staying organized. While it does take a little work, it is possible to stay organized and own more than one of the best rewards credit cards available, enabling you to make the most of your finances.

  • Set up a Calendar – The most basic way to stay on top of payment due dates is to set up a calendar at home. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – it can even be handwritten. Many people use electronic devices, such as their smart phone to remind them of their payment due dates, but any method that works for you is acceptable.
  • Use Payment Reminders – Some companies offer electronic payment reminders to help you stay on top of your payments. You can typically enroll in these reminders on your credit card’s website, if it is offered. The methods available might include email or text reminders.
  • Monitor your Rewards – It is important to stay fully informed of the rewards offered by each of your credit cards. Most companies allow you to have easy access to your account online, making it easy to check balances, as well as what current rewards are being offered. This enables you to ensure that you are maximizing the benefits of your best credit cards.
  • Pay your Bill Early – Another easy way to avoid late payment fees or higher interest rates is to pay your credit card bill as soon as it arrives. If this isn’t possible, pay it as soon as you are able, especially if you are not paying the full balance. This decreases the number of days that accrue interest, helping you to knock your balance down faster.

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The Benefits of Owning More than One Credit Card

As the economy slowly recovers, many consumers are turning to credit cards once again. Cautious consumers typically only own one card for fear of a downturn in the economy reoccurring. Others wonder if it is acceptable to carry multiple credit cards today. When you handle your balances correctly, there are many benefits to owning more than one card.

  • Online Shopping – Many people reserve one account strictly for online shopping. This makes it possible to closely monitor your online spending as well as to avoid the need to use your best credit card that you use on a regular basis online, putting your identity at risk if you choose the wrong website to purchase your products.
  • Balance Transfers – Sometimes owning more than one credit card makes it possible to transfer balances with a high interest rate over to a card with a lower interest rate. Some people apply for a credit card simply for the purpose of transferring a balance over, while others transfer balances as new offers on their current card come in.
  • More Rewards – Sometimes there are several best reward credit cards available, depending on your spending habits. It is possible to find cards that offer rewards for various types of purchases, making it reasonable to have more than one card to enable you to reap as many rewards as possible.

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The Benefit of Using a Credit Card for Monthly Expenses

If you are wondering whether or not it is worth it to use your best credit card for your monthly expenses, you are not alone. Many consumers wonder the same thing. For each consumer, the answer is a personal decision, but understanding the benefits of paying your monthly expenses with your favorite credit card can help you make an informed decision.

  • Convenience – In today’s busy world who doesn’t love convenience? For most companies you can set up automatic payments with your credit cards. This allows you to almost forget about the monthly payment because it is automatically charged to your card.
  • Build up your Credit – If you are trying to build a good credit reputation or enhance a poor reputation, charging your monthly expenses could help. As long as you pay off your charges each month, your credit rating will soon begin to increase.
  • Easy Recordkeeping – Keeping track of monthly expenses can be confusing, especially if you pay in a variety of ways. Keeping all of your bills on one or two credit cards makes it easy to track your expenditures each month, enabling you to keep a close eye on your budget and make tweaks wherever necessary.

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