Keep Your Credit Intact – Be wary of credit card fraud

If you have ever been a victim of credit card fraud, you understand the panic that is involved. Today, most credit card companies make fraud protection one of their top priorities in order to keep their clients safe. It is no longer necessary to avoid new credit card offers simply because of the fear of someone taking your identity.

Check your Statement

The easiest precaution you can take is to review your statement frequently. Look over every charge and compare it to your receipts to determine if it is a charge you made. If you don’t recognize the name of the company, contact the credit card company to determine who made the charges. More often than not, it is from a company you know, it just shows up as a different name on your statement.

Keep your Card Secure

Never leave your card out in the open where anyone can steal the number. Keep the card covered, even while in the store, only making it visible when the clerk is ready to swipe your card. Once you are done with it, put it away. Many people even keep their credit card separate from their purse or wallet to avoid the risk of it being lost in the event that their purse or wallet is stolen.

A few simple precautions make it possible to take advantage of the best credit card offers while keeping your identity safe.

Consider a card with Fraud Liability

These days, many credit card deals come with liability against fraud. Generally speaking this feature means that if your card is lost or stolen you will not be liable for charges.

This is typically called ‘$0 Fraud Liability’ and you may want to consider looking for this before you apply for a credit card.

At our #1 Priority is finding Your best credit card application on-line.

Choosing the Right Credit Card Offers

If you’ve had problems securing a credit card in the past, but are eager to try again, we have good news for you. A poor credit history no longer means you can’t get approved for great credit card offers. Why not ask your bank about a secured credit card? That way, you can build up your credit rating, without going over your budget.

Understanding How Credit Card Offers Work

For first-timers, understanding the ins and outs of credit card offers can be daunting. There’s a lot of terminology out there. What is an annual fee, for example, or an annual percentage rate (APR)? Both these terms relate to how much a credit card will cost to own and are essential when choosing which card is best for your needs.

Some cards will offer a temporary, introductory rate. This is a lower rate of APR that will last for a certain period, before reverting to the original cost. Some plans also offer a grace period, but this usually only applies if you pay your balance in full each month. It does not apply if you carry a balance forward. Contact Credit Card Applications, today, for more information.