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Choosing Your Best Credit Card Application based on your credit score

No one likes being turned down when they apply for a credit card and at the same time it’s natural to want the best credit card that you can qualify for. The trick is figuring out the best choice among cards that you are likely to be approved for!

So what are the credit score guidelines, anyway?

These guidelines are just a rule of thumb but in general the cutoffs are something like this:

  • Excellent Credit - 720 +
  • Good Credit - 660 - 719
  • Fair/Average credit - 620-659
  • Bad/challenged credit - 300-619
  • Limited credit history - no loans or credit cards, or for fewer than 3 years.

Making the most of you credit situation when comparing credit card offers:

  • Check the ‘Credit Required’. Check the ‘credit required’ for the card you are considering. Applying for a credit card that you don’t qualify for will only cause loss of time and frustration.
  • Know your credit score. There are many free services that provide credit scores, but they will most likely continue to solicit you with other offers as time goes on.
  • Take advantage of good credit. In general, it is helpful to search for cards in the credit type category of your credit type to see the credit card offers with the best terms and features available to you. In other words, if you have excellent credit, searching for cards in the good credit category won’t reveal your best choices.

How to find the best credit cards for your personal situation:

  • Identify the features or benefits that you want in a credit card.
    • Examples of these include:
      • Balance Transfer credit cards
      • Low APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
      • No Annual Fee
      • Rewards (Including)
        • Mileage/Travel rewards
        • Gas rewards
        • Points rewards
      • Cash back
      • and others
  • Prioritize the features and benefits you want most:
    • It may not be possible to get the best balance transfer credit cards and at the same time you maximize your cash-back rewards, for example.
    • Pick the one or 2 benefits most important to you.
  • Watch for trade-offs:
    • A card with no annual fee may not be the best answer if you want to rack up awards.
    • A card with a low Introductory APR may revert later to a higher APR.
    • These are only examples

Sound Complicated? Not with the Advanced Tools of!

At Credit Card Applications WE MATCH YOU quickly and easily to the credit card application best for your specific credit type and other needs.

Find your best credit card offer using our Advanced Tools:

Our fast-comparison matrix lets you see all the ‘Vital Signs’ at a glance.

Our credit card application search engine matches you to the best credit card offers based on what you tell us about your needs.

Enter up to 6 selection criteria and we will instantly assemble a list to the card offers suited to your personal needs. Among the selection criteria you can specify are:

  • Low Interest
  • Balance transfer
  • Rewards
  • Cash Back
  • and more!

We also provide top category credit card types, such as:

  • American Express cards
  • Airline Rewards cards
  • Student credit cards and
  • Prepaid cards

And remember: when you apply for a credit card, more is not always better. In fact, applying to too many credit cards may actually raise questions about your credit and could even prevent you from getting the credit card you really want.

Don’t forget: Applying for too many credit cards is not a good thing. In fact, you may compromise your ability to get the card you want by cranking out a slew of credit card applications.

Really, it’s better to pick one or two credit card offers for cards that you really want and then carefully apply for credit cards you really want.

Thanks for checking out where we match you to YOUR Best Credit Cards.

Ready to start? Apply for a credit card now!

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