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Is a No Annual Fee Credit Credit Card Right for Me?

Saving money by applying for a credit card with no annual fees is a great idea, but before you commit, be sure to consider the other factors that will ensure you find the best credit cards for your individual situation.

Factors to consider in addition to the annual fee.

  • APR (annual Percentage Rate). Make sure you are also getting a good APR. APRs come in 2 types:
    • New Purchases APR which is the rate you pay on future purchases.
    • Introductory APR: Some credit card offers provide a lower rate for a specific time period and then revert to a higher rate.
  • Balance Transfer APR. This is the rate you will pay on any credit card balance transfer in when you first open the account.
  • Length of no fee deal. Find out how long the no fees deal lasts. Is it for the first year only, or all years?
  • How is rate affected if you are late on a payment? Often, the initial APR can increase if you are late or miss a payment. In that case, what will the rate increase to?
  • Rewards Programs.
    • Do you want rewards such as cash back, airline miles or discounts? If so, don’t give up these perks just to get a no annual fees card.
  • Customer satisfaction and customer service. Some of the best credit card offers available combine no annual fees with great customer service. You don’t have to forgo good service to get a no annual fees card.
  • In short, do your homework before you fill out a credit card application! You’ll save time and frustration.

Finding Your best no annual fee credit cards.

  • we make it easy. Just go straight to our No Annual Fee Credit Cards page and see a selection of the best. Once you are there, check the ‘credit required’ to see if you fit the program and check the features of that particular credit card offer.
  • Would you prefer to search by by your credit type? We have pages for each credit type, such as excellent credit credit cards.
  • Do you need a specific feature such as balance transfer? Check out our best balance transfer credit cards page.
  • We also have pages for all major issuers such as American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard.

Do more research and fill out fewer applications.

Filling out a bunch of credit card applications so that you can chose from those that are approved is not the best way to get a credit card. Use our advanced tools to select just a few cards that will fit your profile in terms of features and benefits you want and for which you can qualify based on the ‘credit needed’.

After you have found the best credit card for your current situation, then fill out the applications carefully and completely to give yourself the highest chance of getting the new credit card you need.

Need more information about How to Choose the Best Credit Card Offers? Just click this link!

Thanks for checking out where we match you to YOUR Best Credit Cards.

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