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  • Key Feature: Get Your Teams Logo.
    No annual Fee, Rewards, and 0% Intro APR
  • APR: 10.99%
  • Annual Fee: $0
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When you're thinking about getting a new credit card, you're probably going to see many credit card offers for accounts bearing the logo of a number of well-known financial institutions.

One of the most common card issuers you'll probably come across in your search for the perfect credit card application for you is MasterCard, which is one of the most trusted payment processors in the world. MasterCard has been at the top of its field for more than four decades and helps to issue cards for more than 24,000 financial institutions across the globe.

Therefore, if you come across a credit card offer bearing the familiar MasterCard logo, you will be able to rest assured knowing that you would be getting an account that can be extremely beneficial to you. More...

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USAA Secured Card® Platinum MasterCard®
USAA Secured Card® Platinum MasterCard®

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Intro Purchase Apr Regular Apr Ann.Fee
N/A 9.90%-19.90% (Variable) $35
Type: USAA, Cards for Bad Credi ...
Rank: #1 MasterCard, #3 Limite ...
Credit Needed:   Bad
  • USAA Bank products are only available to military members, veterans who have received an Honorable discharge, and their eligible family members.
  • It's a real credit card - not a prepaid or debit card, that helps you build or improve your credit score.
  • When you apply - you'll also be opening a USAA 2-year Certificate of Deposit (CD), an interest-earning deposit account that has a two-year term and a $250-minimum initial deposit.
  • Your CD is a security deposit - the money you put in upfront, from $250 to $5,000, is the card's credit limit.
  • Earn interest on your CD - your deposit is guaranteed to grow. Plus the money is yours to keep as long as you don't default on your payments.
  • Start building your credit - opening a CD lets you get a credit card even if you don't have a credit history or have bad credit.
CCA In-House Review & more info
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However, to find your best deal there are a few steps you should take before you apply for any credit card.

Assess your current credit cards.

If you're looking for any type of new credit card, you should first determine where you stand on the ones you have.

Taking a close look at your last few months' worth of statements will help you determine a number of things that will be critical to your future accounts. This includes the current balance you carry, how much you pay into it every month, the size of the interest charges you face on each bill, any annual fees you incur just for maintaining your account, and so forth.

These will be critical in helping you to determine the costs you may face on your new account, and perhaps even allow you to better understand exactly what kind of new card you need.

Are you carrying a large balance?

For consumers who carry a large credit card balance already, it may be a good idea to seek balance transfer credit cards. This type of account will carry a very low interest rate, usually one as small as 0 percent, for the first six, 12 or 18 months, and therefore allows you to reduce your balance more quickly by not adding to it with additional charges.

These cards usually come with a small fee for any balance transfer - about 3 percent on average - and therefore that added cost will be something you will have to consider. Moreover, if you're getting one of these cards, you might want to plan on not spending any additional money on it, as the introductory rate may not always apply to purchases.

Do you pay off you balance monthly?

Many consumers are very diligent about trying to keep their balances to a minimum, and some even make sure they are paid off in full at the end of every month.

For these people, it might be a good idea to seek the best rewards credit card that grants them some sort of benefit for every dollar they spend. By doing so, they can make their cards more affordable because they do not face any added interest charges. Of course, these cards also generally come with an annual fee, which can make it more difficult to afford, so you'll have to figure out if you earn enough in rewards based on your current spending habits to surpass the added cost.

If you rarely use your card

Some consumers like having a credit card they can use for an emergency only, and for those people, a no annual fee credit card can be ideal. However, you might also want to be careful that prolonged periods of inactivity don't take place, otherwise the account could be canceled by the lender.

Whatever your needs, compare before you apply.

Fortunately, the advanced tools at greatly reduce the time it will take to identify the top credit card programs for your situation. We have pages for all major categories of credit cards and a Credit Card Search Engine that let’s you describe yourself by answering a few simple questions. We then present you with a comprehensive list of the credit cards best suited to Your situation.

Our online applications make approvals fast, so spend a little time doing research to ensure you love your new credit card.

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