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Is a no annual fee credit card right for you?

Monday, July 02, 2012 at 6:59:29 PM

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These days many credit cards come with some sort of annual fee, and these can be the difference between your card being a great deal, and it actually

costing you money over the course of the year


What kind of card do you want?

The way many kinds of credit cards - like rewards offers - pay for themselves as far as lenders are concerned is through the annual fees associated with them. Consequently, you'll have to determine if the way you use your account will yield benefits and perks greater than than the cost of the annual fee you have to pay on it.

Be smart

If you don't use a credit card very often, you might want to look for no annual fee credit card applications that

specify the account does not come with an annual fee

. This way, you can put the card away for emergencies or major purchases without worrying about paying to not use it. Keep in mind. however, no annual fee credit cards generally provide few rewards and benefits.

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