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Can credit cards lower your costs for traveling?

Thursday, June 07, 2012 at 5:14:22 PM

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You've probably heard all about the new types of travel rewards credit cards that can help to reduce the costs you face when you travel, such as rewards cards that grant you airline miles or hotel points for every dollar you spend.

Often, these cards will also come with a number of perks such as the ability to avoid checked bag fees when flying, or complementary access to special lounges at the airport, according to a report from Gannet News Service. But did you know that in many cases, traditional credit cards also have

features that can help you avoid a few costs

you might otherwise face when traveling? This might mean you don't have to seek out a specific travel rewards credit card to reap some sort of savings when you go on vacation or a business trip.

For example, when you rent a car, you might opt to pay the small fee that comes with insurance on that account, but many cards come with this type of coverage as long as you use the account to pay for the car, and also decline the rental company's coverage, the report said. These cards can also be helpful when you have a roadside emergency, as many also allow you to get free or discounted assistance.

Make a call

Along similar lines, many might also grant you access to a concierge service, which will help you to arrange plans for your travel destination free of charge, the report said. This can include helping you to obtain difficult reservations at popular restaurants, tickets to sporting events and concerts, and similar perks that you might not be able to enjoy without help.

Further, many credit card lenders also allow borrowers to get discounted tickets to museums and other tourist attractions if they buy the tickets using the account, the report said. In some cases, it may even make admission free, though there are likely to be several restrictions for these perks.

How do you get these perks?

The best way to determine if your card grants you access to these perks is to review your lending agreement. And if your current card does not have these benefits and you're looking for the best credit card that will give you access to them, take the time to review a number of credit card offers with this in mind before you complete your credit card application.

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