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Which rewards credit card application will be best for you?

Monday, August 06, 2012 at 7:03:15 PM

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Does your best credit card offer grant you points, miles or cash back for the purchases you make?

Many credit card users love rewards accounts because they view the perks they receive as free money - benefits they get for spending they would have done anyway. However, not all rewards cards are created equal, and determining which will work most effectively for you is crucial to making sure you get the best credit card for your unique situation.

Figure out the perks you want from a rewards card

One of the most important things on any rewards credit card application is the kind of benefits you'll get for your spending on the account.

But determining exactly which option will be best for you takes a little bit of work on your end. You take an objective look at your lifestyle to see how each kind of perk - miles, points, or cash back - will benefit you. For instance, if you don't travel often, getting a card that gives you airline miles will likely not be the best use of your efforts.

Similarly, depending on what types of purchases your prospective credit card issuer will allow you to spend points on, like gift cards, special events, or unique experiences, you might be able to determine if the available options actually suit your interests.

If you don't have time to do this research, you can always rely on cash back credit card offers to be a boon to your finances. These cards will simply give you a small percentage of everything you spend on your card back in the form of cash, which you can then put into savings, spend, or contribute toward the reduction of your outstanding balance.

How can you maximize reward card benefits?

Again, each rewards credit card application will be different, and therefore you should take the time to closely examine how each will be of benefit.

In many cases, these cards will grant you more points, miles or cash back if you use them to purchase specific things. For instance, booking travel arrangements with a miles card will likely grant you two, three or even five times the bonus points you might get on it for everyday spending. Meanwhile, some cash back cards now incentivize the purchase of necessities such as gas or groceries with as much as triple the benefits.

Making sure to research how to earn bonus perks on specific accounts, and then determining how each will fit into your regular spending habits, will help you to more fully understand which will be the best possible account for you.

What's the cost of rewards card offers


Finally, once you've determined the kind of rewards you want and the ways in which additional perks will maximize your earnings, you should carefully consider how much each card you're looking will cost.

By comparing the amount you believe you'll be able to earn on the cards with the costs you'll face - from everything including interest charges to annual fees - will help you figure out which card is best for you. If the amount you'll be able to earn on a specific card isn't as much as it would end up costing you over the course of the year, you might want to look elsewhere.

There is likely an account out there that will be the best rewards credit card for you, and doing some research with the help of the credit card search engine will be a significant help.

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