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No Fee Business Card Applications

  • Key Feature: Get Your Teams Logo.
    No annual Fee, Rewards, and 0% Intro APR
  • APR: 10.99%
  • Annual Fee: $0
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Understanding Business Credit Card Terms

When it comes to your business, the ability to buy the supplies, services, and assistance you need is of the utmost importance. Without the right supplies, your company can't operate the way it needs to, and profit isn't maximized. One of the best ways for businesses to ensure they have the most time to make money is through the use of business credit cards. Used wisely, these cards can be an entrepreneur's best friend, allowing even the smallest of start ups to get money to open their doors, stock their shelves, and see to the needs of their new customers quickly and efficiently. More...

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Key Credit Card Terms to Consider:

  • Grace period, which is the period of time before finance charges kick in for a billing cycle
  • Late fees, typically ranging between $15 and $40, charged if a payment is submitted after the grace period
  • Over-the-limit fees, which are charges assessed if a consumer exceeds his credit limit during a given period
  • Annual percentage rate (APR), a yearly percentage rate for finance charges
  • Finance charge, an interest charge assessed based upon a fixed or variable rate agreed to during the application process
  • Annual fee, a flat membership charge applied to certain cards on an annual basis--many issuers offer no fee options or waive these charges for good customers
  • Cash-advance fees, which are charges applied against your account when you use it to withdraw cash
  • Introductory rate, a low or no interest APR promised for a specified period (usually three to six months)

Business credit cards come in a surprising array of feature-filled options, allowing their users to do everything from earn points at the suppliers and stores they frequent most often, rack up frequent flier miles to ease the financial burden of cross-country meetings, or even enjoy a low introductory rate that keeps profits from the business in the bank instead of in the bills. One of the best points of the business credit cards you'll find on is their variety. No matter what industry or line of sales you may be in, there's a card that's perfect for your needs.

Larger businesses may look towards business credit cards that have a higher limit, which will make purchasing high ticket items like machinery or company vehicles a snap. Small stores still getting their financial footing will be glad to know that there are plenty of valuable business credit card applications that take into account their start-up status and reduce fees accordingly. With outlines of what each card offers to the savvy credit shopper, it's never been easier to compare different card features to find the right combination for success.

Research will help you find the best business credit cards for your company, and has all the information and helpful tips you need. Browse through their glossary on credit card terms, brush up on what different APR (annual percentage rates) numbers mean for your bottom line, and review the different cards available for your needs. Once you've located a few promising offers, send in your applications, and soon you'll have the purchasing power you need to turn your business dreams into reality. Flexible financial freedom to grow your business is only a click away!

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