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  • Key Feature: Get Your Teams Logo.
    No annual Fee, Rewards, and 0% Intro APR
  • APR: 10.99%
  • Annual Fee: $0
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During the recent recession, millions of consumers saw their credit scores take a significant hit. That's because many, though no fault of their own, were no longer able to pay the bills on their various lines of credit, be they mortgages, auto loans or credit cards.

But now that the economy is improving, many who faced financial hardship during the downturn are getting their finances back in order and are once again in a position to begin borrowing responsibly and may receive More...

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AccountNow® Gold Visa® Prepaid Card
AccountNow® Gold Visa® Prepaid Card

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Intro Purchase Apr Regular Apr Ann.Fee
N/A N/A up to $9.95 monthly fee
Type: Instant Approval, Prepaid ...
Rank: #1 Instant Approval , #2 ...
Credit Needed:   No Check
  • Get paid up to 2 days faster with free direct deposit ▼
  • Get your paycheck or benefits checks in your card account and access your funds up to 2 days earlier than payday.
  • 100% Approval* - upon successful ID verification. No credit check∞. No ChexSystems check. No existing bank account required.
  • $0 Activation fee†. No Minimum Balance. No risk of Overdraft fees.
  • $15 Bonus§ with qualifying Direct Deposit. Never pay to cash your paychecks and get your pay faster.
  • Use it everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted and pay anyone with PayAnyone Bill Pay. Shop online, rent a car, pay your rent and more.
  • Easy Mobile Account Access and Text Alerts. Get your account balance, transaction details sent to your phone within seconds
  • BBB Accredited A+ Company. Excellent Customer Service.
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Horizon Gold Credit Card
Horizon Gold Credit Card

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Intro Purchase Apr Regular Apr Ann.Fee
N/A* N/A* $24.95 benefits plan membership will be auto-debited monthly
Type: Instant Approval, Cards f ...
Rank: #2 Instant Approval , #8 ...
Credit Needed:   Bad
  • Guaranteed Approval
  • Bad Credit Accepted
  • No Employment Check
  • Reports to a Major Bureau
CCA In-House Review & more info
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credit card applications. Unfortunately, if they haven't been dealing with credit in the intervening time, their credit score likely has not improved from the diminished level, meaning their access to new accounts will be extremely limited.

Lenders have been slowly expanding their extending of credit card offers to subprime borrowers, but those with poor credit will likely have few options available to them despite this trend.

With this in mind, here are two sure-fire options for those who want to increase their spending flexibility without access to the accounts they may have been accustomed to in the past:

Secured credit cards

This is the ideal option for those who actually want to rebuild their credit scores instead of just gaining a bit of financial flexibility in their everyday life.

Secured credit cards work just like any others do, but with a few notable differences from the accounts you used to use. For one thing, they are "secured" because you will have to make a down payment to the lender with which you are opening the account. Usually, this payment will have to total a few hundred dollars, but this is used to establish the credit limit on your card. Once this is done, you can use it as you would any other card, but you will need to keep in mind that the credit limit on it is very low, and it's therefore much easier to max it out.

You should also remember that these cards also come with slightly higher interest rates and, usually, annual fees, than the ones you used to have, meaning that carrying a balance over from one month to the next can be a costly proposition. Keeping your balance low will help you to avoid this problem, and keep your credit rating as healthy as it should be.

This type of card should largely be used as a kind of credit trial program until you get your score high enough that you can obtain a more beneficial account. However, when seeking a secured credit card, you should also make sure that your lender reports to the various credit reporting agencies so that any progress you're making is accounted for in your credit score.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid credit cards in no way affect your credit, but instead work like a debit card: You load money onto them and the balance on the account is depleted every time you make a purchase.

Prepaid cards are beneficial for consumers with poor credit because they do not require a credit check - since, again, they have no bearing on your standing, and vise versa - and are instead designed to give users more spending flexibility and control over their funds.

However, it's also important to note that prepaid cards also carry a number of fees, such as those for monthly account maintenance, using an ATM and other things you might do with a standard debit card on a daily basis. Depending on how you use the account, it can therefore be more expensive than you might think to do so. For this reason, reviewing a number of credit card programs targeted towards people with bad credit will help you determine that best account for you.

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